Harvard researchers identify six 'chemical cocktails' to reverse aging: 'This is attractive'

Human clinical trials, according to Dr. David Sinclair, are "ongoing."

According to reports, scientists have identified a combination of medications that can help slow down or even stop the aging process.

Professor and researcher Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard University said that a group at the Harvard Medical School spent three years looking for chemicals that "reverse cellular aging and rejuvenate senescent human cells."

The group discovered six chemical concoctions, with the possibility of more, that allowed people to regain more "youthful states" in less than a week.

"Studies on the optic nerve, brain tissue, kidney, and muscle have shown promising results, with improved vision and prolonged lifespan in mice and, most recently, improved vision in monkeys in April of this year," Sinclair stated last week on Twitter.

Kellyanne Conway of Fox News declared that she would "guzzle this down for sure." "I want to take part in this experiment but I don't want to go on Space X. It claims to bring back the youthful states of the aged cells. In contrast to surgery, this is about cell restoration, as Conway explained on "The Big Weekend Show."

The former senior Trump adviser continued by stating that she is "pro-life" and "pro-facelift."

"I think I should use my body and money as I choose, as long as there isn't another heartbeat involved. But this is appealing because it looks less complicated than everything else people do to look and feel better, she added.

Guy Benson, the co-host, said the research was intriguing but that he would want to see the results of using the medicine combination.

Others in the scientific community "are rejecting it as largely hype and extremely preliminary. Therefore, I would like to conduct the study without a doubt, but I would also like to look many years younger. If they were really sincere, I believe 98% of people would act in that way, he claimed.

Tomi Lahren, a fellow co-host, concurred and said that many men and women would "do about anything" to "reverse aging or to look better."