Asteroid Incoming! South Bombay House-Sized Space Rock Speeds Towards Earth on May 9th

Asteroid 2023 HG1, which is traveling at a speed of 7200 KMPH (2 km/s) and is thought to be between 45 and 110 feet in size, is heading straight for Earth. Do not worry, though, since this heavenly visitor will pass by our planet on Tuesday, May 9 at a safe distance of 4.16 million kilometers.

What is known about the Apollo-Group Invader.

Asteroid 2023 HG1, which was found on March 26, 2023, is a member of the Apollo group of near-Earth objects. Every 402 days, it completes an orbit about the Sun that takes it up to 173 million kilometers from the star and as near as 145 million kilometers.

As It Flies By Earth

Asteroid 2023 HG1 will pass by Earth on May 9th, keeping a distance of 4.16 million kilometers, according to its current course. For comparison, that is more than 10 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

On October 30, 2023, there will be another approach, but one that is further away. The asteroid will be 19.09 million kilometers from Earth on that day.

DART Mission from NASA: Getting Ready for New Threats

Despite not being regarded as a threat, asteroid 2023 HG1 serves as a reminder of the value of tracking and becoming ready for prospective asteroid impacts. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission from NASA is here.

The DART mission intends to evaluate methods for asteroid deflection that may be utilized to save Earth from impending dangers. This test will yield important information on the efficiency of the "kinetic impactor" approach, which may one day be used to divert dangerous asteroids away from Earth.

No need to panic, but be alert

There is no need for anxiety, even though the close approach of asteroid 2023 HG1 is an amazing event for space fans. The asteroid will pass past Earth at a safe distance thanks to its trajectory. The DART mission of NASA is now developing measures to defend our world from any potential asteroid hazards.