Great Lakes Science Center starts countdown to 2024 solar eclipse in Cleveland

Ohio's Cleveland - The Greater Cleveland area is getting ready for the complete sun eclipse on April 8, 2024, thanks to the Great Lakes Science Center. The United States will be in the path of the approaching astronomical occurrence. Akron is also in the totality's route. That means that when the moon fully blocks out the light of the sun, the area will experience several minutes of blackness. The sun's corona, or glowing upper atmosphere, will be visible at that moment.

The most recent complete sun eclipse to pass over the country was in 2017. Beginning at 1:59:20 PM ET, the eclipse will conclude at 4:28:57 PM ET after reaching its maximum totality at 3:15:37 PM ET. On April 7 and 8, 2023, visitors to the science center will discover the most secure methods for watching the sun and solar eclipses.

During the two days of eclipse preparation events, the Science Center will collaborate with NASA's Glenn Research Center. These consist of:

Make a pinhole camera to learn about the physics of light and perception, then step inside a huge replica of it.

Investigate secure methods for using shadows to observe the sun and solar eclipses.

Explore the phases of human travel outside of Earth's orbit and the equations that enable it in Liftoff: Math in Space Science Show.

Electronic Guest Lecturer Mission Officer for NASA, Dr. Kelly Korreck - Watch Dr. Korreck describe the eclipse and her work on the Parker Solar Probe in a virtual lecture at 2 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Dr. Korreck has created and used tools to investigate the sun's corona, or hot, exploding upper atmosphere. She is in charge of the NASA eclipse initiative for 2024.

presentation by NASA Find out how a complete solar eclipse is made possible by the specific sizes and distances that the sun, Earth, and moon have from one another.