Researchers propose a plausible Source for Dark Energy

It is among the most important unsolved problems in astronomy. Dark Energy is the "fudge factor" in otherwise accurate mathematical calculations; it is the "unknown force" that is hypothesized to account for the expansion of the Universe, reversing the effects of gravity as we currently understand them.

And if Dark Energy does exist, it accounts for around 70% of the total energy budget of the universe.

But, no one is familiar with Dark Energy. What triggers it? why it makes up such a big amount of the universe's "stuff." Hence, either the arithmetic is incorrect, the hypotheses are incorrect, or astronomers still have a lot to learn about all that "stuff" that gave rise to "us"

Dr. Becky Smethurst, one of my favorite YouTube astrophysicists, provides a very clear explanation of the Dark Energy paradox:

This "Dark Energy force" very much plays an outsized part [about the 5:00 time-mark] in a topic that is strongly linked to it:

This is an incredible screen image from the first video, taken at the 2:10 mark:

And now that you know the history of Dark Energy, let's go on to the "news" in the post title that will make people click.

Second, what is this recently advanced Dark Energy source? In the event that it is true or verified, what news should be published in the general press? (or just receives the respect it rightfully deserves...)

I'll stop there with the snippets so as not to go beyond what is considered "fair use." But if you're interested in this sort of thing, the paper is pretty readable.

If this result can be confirmed by more research, it is noteworthy. The "known" category may take up that 70% of the "unknown" Universal Pie. Well done. demonstrating once more the value and usefulness of the Scientific Method to humanity.

If only they could clarify what Dark Matter is. That additional component of the universe, which accounts for around 25% of its total energy. The "material" that has been hypothesized to account for how spinning objects, like galaxies, are affected by gravity. The march of spiral arms is held in place by dark matter.

The same "something" that no one can see but that we "know is there" is present once more. Things that we can only guess at using the Scientific Method and our minds' ability for thought and imagination. to speculate in hopes of someday learning. In an effort to, hopefully, improve the world.

With the incredible flashes of creativity and insight that our top species can muster in our better times...

PS. Expect Dr. Becky to explain these recent findings very soon because she specializes in the study of black holes. Remain tuned.

We are in a magnificent universe; it would be a tragedy if anything Foolish occurred. Or if we did nothing and let it unfold...

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